Cartoon Comic Cafe is a collection of projects done in the past by artist and writer Roy Duncan. Roy Duncan is the sole owner and trademark holder of Cartoon Comics Cafe and Twelve Puppies Productions .All characters and trademarks are solely created and owned by Roy Duncan With the exception of spoofs on a particular trademark. The art on this site May not be reproduced or altered in any way unless granted by by Roy Duncan. Some of the Projects have been done in the past, while some projects like (The Villain Next Door ) are current and on-going. You can find the (The Villain Next door) with regular postings at and also at and This site is was created by Robert Paul Shelley Jr a big Fan and long time friend to Roy.As it turns out Robert Shelley and Roy Duncan went to the Joe Kubert School of  Cartooning and graphic Art together in 1987.After years of working in the field of comics,cartooning and graphic art, Robert Shelley and Roy Duncan reunited to start Cartoon Cafe Comics. To see some of Robert Shelley's Art go to or .This site is new and open to suggestions so drop us a comment at the bottom of the page if you get a chance.Below is a little Info. on Roy.At his request we are not giving too much away about him to keep his twisted and bizarre past under wraps just in case the F.B.I is looking for him. 

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